Speaking Your Prospects Business Language Could Help You Close More Sales.

When you are in a foreign country you don’t have to alter your basic nature, you don’t change your ideas but how you present those ideas does change. Because that is the only way you can be more understood and compatible.
Consider an example, imagine the best copy writer in china who has generated billions in sales but understands only Chinese language. Then he gets hired to write a sales copy for the Nigeria market. If that copy is not transcribed into English, do you think it will produce the same result as it will in China?
Certainly, No!

Because prospects need to understand what you are selling before making a decision to buy or not. Your audience must first read and understand your sales publication before conversion takes place. So learning how to speak the language of your prospects can make the selling process easy for you.
This single strategy has increased my sales geometrically.

When I write sales copy for a product I want to market to a lay man, I avoid blatant sales pitches, instead I provide irresistible information in simple terms that slides smoothly into a sales pitch for my product. And I get the RESULT!

I actually used to be a fan of ‘deep psychology manipulation’ when it comes to selling. Later on I found out that if you can communicate in the exact language your target market understand best then you have less work to do in getting them to buy from you than when you are try to manipulate their psychology.


Sales people who try to sell everybody the same way will simply suffer unnecessary set backs with less than average closing sale percentage. You must seek to understand your target audience so as to enable you communicate effectively. Since communication method varies by location, religion, gender etc
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