Discover Six (6) Secrets You Can Apply To Make Your Website Load Unusually Fast

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Yes! The speed of your website also influences SEO. One of the easiest ways to loose customers online is having a slow website. The speed of your site affects every metric you care about : Bounce rate, Search ranking, Conversion, Page Views, Reader Satisfaction, Even revenue.

Your website visitors are impatient, shoppers are in a haste and web viewers don’t have all the time to spend online. They want to quickly get that information from your blog, quickly place that order on your online shop or just download that video without wasting much time. With the increasing growth in the number of websites and businesses going online everyday, it is important to implement measures that makes your website stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, your website must load in less than five seconds, or risk loosing customers and revenue to your competitors!
Tools like PINGDOM at or Google Page Speed Insight at come in handy when you want to test and analyze the load time of your website.

Here Is A Quick Guide To Check The Speed Analysis

  • Log onto the website –
  • Type in your url and hit the “Test Now” button.

If the analyses shows your website performance as loading too slowly, then you need to speed it up.

Here are some of the tips to help you achieve this;

1. Optimise Your Images For The Web:

Using the best image format for the web is known to reduce website load times drastically. Image formats such as jpeg is highly recommended for the web. More still, instead of using 100% image quality, you can use 65% or 70%, thus reducing the size without compromising quality. This can be achieved using online image editing tools such as Pixlr.

2. Implementing A Content Delivery Network (CDN):

A CDN takes a website’s static files – such as CSS, images and JavaScript – and delivers them on servers that are close to the user’s physical location. Because servers are closer to the user, they load more quickly. Larger websites implement CDNs to make sure their visitors from around the world have as fast an experience as possible. Examples of such CDNs are MaxCDN, CacheFly, and Cloudflare, among others.

3. Minimise Redirects On Your Website :

Having so much redirects on your website can greatly work against your website. This is often seen with websites that have so much landing pages. While that may help your to achieve a particular purpose, it could work against your website speed greatly. So reduce redirects to a barest minimum on your website.

4. Install Only The Plugins You Need.

For Content Management Users, such as wordpress, joomla, drupal, blogger etc, it is advisable to install only the required plugins and extensions you need on your website. Having so much plugins on your website works greatly against your website loading speed.

5. Use Premium Services:

In most cases, paying for a premium service to speed up your website is totally worth it, considering the benefits. Though one is advised to do a due diligence before patronising any of such service provider, sites like LOAD FASTER ( might be considered.

6. Reconsider Your Hosting Provider and Package!

If you have taken all the steps above and there is no significant improvement in the load tome of your website, then you might consider looking towards the direction of your hosting provider for changes. Maybe it is time to change your host, or hosting plan. If you are running on shared hosting, then you might consider stepping up to Dedicated Hosting or VPS Hosting.


While the information provided here is not intended to turn you into a techie overnight, we believe you are equipped enough to take some smart steps to ensuring a better speed for your website, being ahead of the competition online, retaining your customers and ensuring higher revenue that might result from that.
Take action today!
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