A press release is a short, compelling document containing details about a product release, event announcements and other newsworthy items a company produces. Press releases are essentially used by companies, firms or groups to manage their public relations strategy

In modern times, press releases have become so important to start-ups in gaining the attention of their audience in that it is a very easy way to gain media coverage.

One of the most important ideas make your public relations strategy better, is to think of press releases as an opportunity to connect to the audiences you care about. Press releases are also given serious consideration by journalists because a well-crafted press release can easily be featured as a top story.

Considering that media houses and the internet are flooded with different kinds of press release on a daily basis, writing a good press release therefore is very essential if you want yours to stand out from the pack. While the format to a good press release is basic, writing a killer copy boils down to creativity and effort.

In this guide, we will show you the step-by-step creative formats of writing an amazing press release.

Start With A Killer Title
The beginning of a press release, just as with any other write up, is definitely the most important. That is the first a journalist, a reporter or anyone reading your press copy will see, so you need to ensure that it grabs all attention and gives a good overview of your story. The headline should be brief, clear and straight to the point. Avoid lengthy titles that keep repeating same point over and over again. Also, your title should give an immediate insight of what the rest of the story is all about. Your reader will barely spend few seconds to determine what your press release is all about, and how interesting it will be, just by glancing through the title. The more interesting and irresistible your headline is, the more you stand a chance at getting your press release receiving a wider coverage.
Write A Detailed Genuine Body Copy
Now is time to get down to the full and complete detail of your story. This is where everything concerning the press release comes in. But there are few tips you need to be mindful of here;
Obey The 5W’s and H Rule:
Journalists are taught to look out for the 5W’s and H in the first paragraph of your write up. And trust me, your readers are looking out for that too. The 5 W’s and H Rule simply stand for Who, What, Where, When, Why and How as it affects your story.

  • Who is this about? Your Company/Website.
  • What is the actual news? Are you releasing an offer?.
  • When does this even happen? Tomorrow? Next week?.
  • Where does this even take place?
  • Why this is news? If you are making an offer, what is special about it?
  • How is this happening? How is the whole event or product offer going down?

The above 5W’s and H must be contained in your first paragraph. And make it as short as possible.

Be Very Concise:
The ideal length of a press release should be between 400 and 500 words, from start to finish – consider it as a short news item. It should contain about 3 or 4 short paragraphs and if it is longer than that, then you probably have unnecessary info piled up in it. One page is preferable, but at most two pages should be the length of your press release.
Use Quotes To Provide Insight, Not Information:
Quotes are critical part of a well crafted press release. You need to bring your details to life with a quote that readers can use for context around your announcement and help paint a picture of how your news affects the given industry, customer base etc. If you’re claiming a trend, you need proof to back it up. Quantify your argument and it will become much more compelling.
Scan And Proofread For Errors:
You need to always re-read your write up and scan for errors. You need to ensure that your work is error free. Grammatical and typographical errors are highly detestable when writing a compelling press release.
Avoid Too Many Caps:
One thing that annoys readers a lot is the use of all caps to emphasize a particular point. You need to avoid such temptation. Use normal lower case and present your story. Using all caps in any part of the write up looks odd and a little sneaky.
Don’t Just Advertise:
Your press should not scream your offer in the face of your reader. In as much as your press release can be promotional, but it is not meant to be an advert. Your promotional write up should be a presentation of facts and objective.
Add Contact Information:
Another mistake a lot of people make is not adding their contact information in their press release. It is very essential to add your email address, website link or phone numbers, depending on your target audience. This will enable your readers to contact you any time and provide a follow up means to those that contact you.

Finally, a good press release should not be written in the first person. It is always advisable to write in the third person. Expressions like “we did it” or “I did it” should not be used. You have to imagine that someone is writing your story, and it should be in the third person.

Following the tips above, I believe you will be able to write an awesome press release that will boost your company image, drive more traffic to your website and get more sales from your offers.

Every day, I’m grateful for a chance to share an idea, strategy or challenge with you. I appreciate the attention and your trust, it would be impossible to do this without you.
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