SMS is a high converting marketing tool which allows you Reach Out Via Multiple Channels, Increase Engagement

Mobile X Gives you the Freedom to Perform Indepth Marketing Tasks like:

Connect SMS with Email campaign

and don’t ever miss the expected action from your leads anymore. This enables your clients to create an instant automated SMS campaign along with your running Email Campaign.

SMS Autoresponder

allows you to track the open rate of text message and integrate SMS into your marketing mix. You can set SMS Auto Responder with up to 10 automated scheduled SMS Delivery Set in Minutes, Hours, and Days, for your required Campaign Design Flow. You can generate optin code for your SMS autoresponder campaign or import verified mobile list into the campaign.

API Routing

connects several SMS APIs and use them simultaneously. Assign users to Specific Choice API for effective delivery.

Auto Crediting

allows instant online payment with credit card for account auto crediting…never run out from SMS credits.

Users Credit Other Users

offers users the leverage on the portal to have their clients register as users which will pay them directly and they can credit the users via Credit Transfer Function.

SMS Personalization

gives that personal feel with all SMS sent out. Don’t miss the sales conversion again! Touch a cord by mentioning recipient name in your bulk SMS campaign.

Email Newsletter System

to always keep your users up to date with new prices, products and discounts to step up your sales frequency. Blast Rich Content Email Newsletter to all users on your SMS portal.

Message All Users

by automatically sending tailored SMS to all users of your portal for specific price discounts, new products and create a rush for your service as you relate to your users more closely.



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Lets Help you Become the Smart Marketer in the Room

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Lets Help you Become the Smart Marketer in the Room

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